Oriental Greens 

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with Real Japanese Matcha
Your morning green superfood boost.
Supports daylong energy and overall wellbeing. Benefits: natural detox, digestion, immunity.
Plant-Pure Dietary Supplement | 300 Grams | 30 Servings

That green color you’re seeing? It’s greens!

Chlorophyll from alfalfa. Phycocyanin from spirulina. CGF from chlorella. Iodine from kelp. Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts. Real Japanese matcha and black teas.

Life Wild Oriental Greens contains a wealth of plant-pure health benefits from 100s of phytochemicals, bioavailable European milk thistle extract, verified-active pre/probiotics, and much more.









Billion CFU


Lives For Energy & Wellbeing | Liver Detox | Alkalinity | Digestive Health
How To enjoy

Start your morning right with a green superfood boost.

Measure one healthy scoop and stir into 8-10 ounces of water, or add to your favorite smoothie.

Drink up!

What's inside

Pure plants. And intentions.

At Life Wild, our mission is to make health whole. Sip well knowing our nourishing supplements are as botanically pure and culturally authentic as they come. With ingredients grown from the ground, our mixes are never contaminated with fillers, diluents, allergens or lab-grown alternatives. Just proven, harvested nutrition to power your day.

Sun grown. Harvested at jointing. Low-temp dried. Finely ground to 60 mesh.
Spirulina & Chlorella
Pond-grown under open sun. Free of lake toxins and heavy metals.
Rigorously tested for heavy metal contamination and Iodine concentration.
Sprouts contain 50x more sulforaphane potential. Tested for phytonutrients.
Aloe Vera
Verified to contain less than 1% Aloin. Tested for active polysaccharide.
100% original Japanese source. Slow-grown in abundance shade.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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What is the best way to take Oriental Greens?
To maximize the product’s cleansing effect, take it the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with 10 oz. of water, and hold off on eating for a half an hour. Many people report a great energy boost and cleansing effect when taken on an empty stomach. If you have a sensitive stomach, take it with food.
How quick will I see results?
It depends on the result you are looking for. Energy increases typically happen within a few days. Supporting liver detox or other ongoing issues could take 30 days or more for full effect. For continued benefits, take it on a regular basis.
Can I lose weight by taking Oriental Greens?
Green formulas are often marketed for weight loss, but this claim has not been officially verified for this product. However, a healthy diet paired with our supplements can help you feel more satiated which can, in turn, help you with weight loss.
What’s it taste like?
Natural palate of: Orange peel, Herbal notes, Grassy earth, and The sea
Can I take more than the recommended dose?
One daily dose is sufficient to achieve benefit. Do not exceed more than 5 times the recommended dose. This suggestion is based on the suggested therapeutic dose of some individual ingredients.
How much of each vitamin and mineral is present in Oriental Greens?
Just like the nutrition facts of fruits and vegetables, the metrics of our superfoods vary, but the quality does not. Oriental Greens is never fortified with synthetic vitamins.
What is the ORAC Value of Oriental Greens?
We do not claim any ORAC Value on the label, and intentionally so, as there is so MUCH more to Organic nutrition from Fruits and Vegetables than ORAC Value. While we might claim an ORAC value of many servings of fruits and vegetables, we see this as an inaccurate claim.
Is there any possible side effect from taking Oriental Greens?
If you have never used a greens supplement before, we suggest starting with half the dose for a couple of days to avoid side effects of system detoxification.
Who should not use Oriental Greens?
Consult your doctor before taking any supplement if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition or illness. We recommend that pregnant women avoid taking supplements containing milk thistle or alfalfa.

Drink the rainbow!

For a complete spectrum of phytonutrients not found in any other

supplement on the planet, bundle or alternate with the rest of the rainbow

collection, and enjoy a variety of yummy flavors